GGs Natureceuticals

  GGs Natureceuticals
the vegan certified natural skincare with the power of the elder plant
  Beautifully natural – naturally beautiful
Did you know that the elder one of the oldest plants
cultivated by human?

The elder has been accompanying us as a popular medicinal plant for thousands of years and otherwise also enjoys universal popularity.

Elder is widely used:
in the pharmaceutical field, in medicine right up to culinary delights.

    But as beauty talent it is still an insider’s tip. We want to change that. The elder therefore forms the center of our vegan natural cosmetics and may fully unfold all its beneficial properties in our high quality products.

In our recipes we combine ancient knowledge about the effective, traditional elder agents time-tested plant extracts with the latest scientific findings – the result is a natural,exceptional and effective cosmetics.

Bild_Brand-GGs-True-Organics_2     Natural cosmetics:
certified naturalness

GGs Natureceuticals products are NATRUE-certified.

The NATRUE-Label sets a high standard in the definition of naturalness in cosmetic products. It helps you as a consumer, to identify natural cosmetics that really deserve this name. Both, ingredients as well as manufacturing processes are taken into account and are subject to the strict NATRUE criteria for natural cosmetics.

The NATRUE-Label is assigned to products that meetthe highest quality standards for natural cosmetics. Certification of products The certification of GG’s True Organics compliant with NATRUE criteria is carried out by independent institutions and according to the strict criteria published on the NATRUE Webseite (www.natrue.org)

NATRUE-certified means:
– high quality, close to nature and nature-identical raw materials
– controlled manufacturing, processing and filling processes

All GG‘s True Organics products
are formulated WITHOUT:

– synthetic color, fragrance or preservatives
– mineral oil based ingredients (paraffin, petrolatum)
– parabens, phthalates, PEGs
– animal based components