About the Elder plant

  Our Master Agent – The Elder:
Myth, medicinal plant … but also a real beauty talent

We find: the elder plant deserves special attention and is perfectly qualifies as a guiding agent for our natural cosmetics line. We appreciate its therapeutic effect as nurturing, regenerating and swift beautifier.

  The following ingredients of the elder plant
are used in cosmetics:

elderberry seed oil (Sambucus Nigra Oil)
elderflower extract (Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract)
elderberry extract (Sambucus Nigra Fruit Extract)
elderflower water (Sambucus Nigra Water)


high percentage of a-linolenic acid and phytosterol:
anti – inflammatory, decongestant, soothing, stabilizes lipid coat of the skin and makes it soft and supple

high percentage of linolenic acid:
regenerative, stimulates cell, stimulation ceramide synthesis, improves the water retention capacity

rich in antioxidants, protects against free radicals and thus also against premature aging..

Elderberry seed oil is a light oil due to its spectrum of fatty acid, it is easily absorbed.

Image-banner-3 Elderberry seed oil – Interesting knowledge

Usually, the elderberry seed oil (also elder seed oil) is a by-product of the production of elderflower juice.
The remaining pomace is cold-pressed and the result is a greenish-yellow to green oil. Elder stone oil is rich in multiple unsaturated fatty acids (over 75%) and furthermore contains carotenoids, glycoside compounds and flavonoids.

The elderberry seed oil has a high percentage of a-linolenic acid and phytosterol, thus having an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. This has an impact especially on sensitive or impure skin. It stabilizes the lipid coat of the skin and makes it soft and supple.

Tip: In the case of joint trouble, the oil should be applied directly, stops inflammatory processes, and
has decongestant effect.

Elder plant:
At home around the world

In order to find the elder you do not have to travel far. It is hard to believe: you can discover elder bushes almost everywhere around the world – although apparently it is not always as popular as in our latitudes.

The Latin name of our elder is Sambucus Nigra and belongs to the honeysuckle family. In addition to the most widely known and most prevalent black elder, there are more than 20 other elder species. Sambucus Nigra is one of the most common growing species in Central Europe.

It is also found in many other areas:
in Western Siberia, the Caucasus, northern India, North Africa, Australia, Western Asia, Canada, …