Our Philosophy

  Recollection on medicinal plants from the region
Especially in recent years, exotic ingredients from goji or noni to pomegranate have become particularly “en vogue” in cosmetics.
GGs Natureceuticals, the elderberry natural skincare brand, is using its product line to reflect the originality and the healing power of regional plants. “There is hardly any effect that we cannot produce with our regional medicinal plants. The active ingredients, oils and extracts that the regional natural plants have to offer have always been particularly powerful and at the same time invoke the harmony between man and nature. With our new line of natural cosmetics, we would like to put the focus on the elderberry and its effectiveness, “says Daniela Gierbl, co-founder of the brand.
  Background information natural cosmetics
Key word “greenwashing” – not all natural skincare keep what they promise. Thus, many cosmetic products are downright “washed green”, as they do not have corresponding certificates, e.g. BDIH, NaTrue, Eco-Cert or demeter and, instead of raw materials from organic farming, they resort to mineral-based ingredients, synthetic fragrances as well as dyes and preservatives – and – ultimately deceive consumers.