What is important to us


What is important to us

We Are Our Own Manufacturers
Because we own the development and production process from start to finish, we can ensure high quality at every step. We manufacture in small batches in our laboratory in Salzburg so that our products are as fresh as possible when they reach you. Many cosmetic companies outsource the manufacturing of their products to save costs or because development and production are not their areas of expertise. But we love making our products ourselves and believe that this process is part of the pleasure of creation.

Unique Formulations

Our products are developed from scratch by ourselves. Our formulations contain no pointless fillers or pre-made base emulsions – each ingredient has a specific purpose and delivers targeted results.

Concentrated Formulas
We pack really powerful active ingredients into every bottle. Often, cosmetic formulas contain only 1-3 active ingredients. But multi-active formulas make multi-functional products – meaning you only buy one powerful product. And not another 5 to cover all your skin needs. At the same time, the active ingredients are optimally coordinated and fuel each other’s effects.

Skin Beauty & Skin Health
When developing our formulations, the focus is always on skin beauty and skin health.
Naturally beautiful, radiant and well-hydrated skin is our goal. Make-up should be a beautiful minor matter, but not a must-have.

All Natural

All GGs Natureceuticals products are NATRUE-certified.
The NATRUE-Label sets a high standard in the definition of naturalness in cosmetic products. It helps you as a consumer, to identify natural cosmetics that really deserve this name. Both, ingredients as well as manufacturing processes are taken into account and are subject to the strict NATRUE criteria for natural cosmetics.

  All GGs Natureceuticals products are formulated WITHOUT:
– synthetischen Farb-, Duft- oder Konservierungsstoffe
РInhaltsstoffe auf Mineralölbasis (Paraffine, Petrolatum)
– Parabene , Phthalate, PEGs
– tierischen Inhaltsstoffe
    NATRUE-certified means:
– Sustainability
– high quality, close to nature and nature-identical raw materials
– controlled manufacturing, processing and filling processes